Shenzhen GNOTH Watch Co. Ltd., founded in 2009, specialized in manufacturer watch with many years experience. There are a group of industry professional in the company currently, modern production workshop and advanced technology  equipment, and is capable of independent R&D and manufacturing to provide fashionable and exquisite products for customers.

   GNOTH insists on "micro-innovation" based on "classics", produces luxury watches with high-quality materials, and strictly control the quality. Leading the trend of the times with noble design, fashionable pattern and elegant style. The company will always adhere to high quality standards and take advantage of its technical strengths to offer products with better quality, performance and design to customers for their long-term support and profound love. GNOTH has opened up the Chinese market successfully and improving brand awareness and expanding the sales network all over the shopping malls nationwide. 

   In 2009, the company was established and GNOTH products were launched; 

   In 2010, GNOTH products were launched and sold in major markets nationwide; 

   In 2011&2012, according to the analysis of the national market, the company has expanded the county-level market, to improve the market share of GNOTH watches, for the development of the national market laid the foundation. Meanwhile, it launched Moving, Entertainment and Smart series which were very popular among consumers; fully improved the brand awareness and expanding the sales network all over the shopping malls nationwide;

   In 2013, the company launched Knight series which were recognized by the industry and consumers;

   In 2013&2014, the company engaged Ma Jingtao, a Taiwanese actor, to be the product endorser;

   In 2014, the company was invited to attend the Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF) for the first time, which is the largest watch&clock trade show in China, the men's Knight series and women's Snowflake series won the high praise from the industry and dealers;

   In 2015, the company was invited to attend CWCF again, the men's Blessing series and women's Love series made a brilliant appearance. The hall packed with people was the best reward for the GNOTH Luxury and designers' craftsmanship and original design;

   In 2016, the company exhibited Time·Engineer series and Cherry Blossom series at the 27th CWCF and attracted the attention of the industry and a number of dealers, showing that GNOTH's craftsmanship and positioning are in line with the trend of the times. By 2016, GNOTH has launched 8 series, including Knight, Moving, Blessing, Time·Engineer, Smart, Snowflake, Love, Cherry Blossom, Entertainment and Sport, representing a rapid development over the past few years.

    Now GNOTH watch have been opened more than 1000 stores nationwide.